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I believe that people should talk to somebody, as it is so much better to share thoughts with someone especially if they are OCD thoughts. It really does help (of course the listener has to be understanding) 

If there is anyone reading this who has no one to talk to, call the Samaritans,  who will listen. 

 NLP ((Neuro Linguistic Programming has become the 'people skills technology' of choice for the 21st century. It has massive benefits in the worlds of business, education and personal development. NLP is the art and science of human excellence in the areas of communicating, influencing, goal setting, managing change and understanding the use of effective language.))

I found that through NLP,  there was no need to go and visit the root cause of the OCD, although useful to know. The main thing is to try and solve it. They use the metaphor 

 ""If you fall and break your leg you wouldn't expect the doctor to spend weeks finding out why, your leg had broken, and how the bones had shattered, you would you just want the doctor to fix the leg so that you could get back to full health as quickly as possible. NLP is brilliant for managing your brain. 

CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) and NLP are  the way to go to get rid of OCD. 

I went to an evening where Professor Paul Salkovskis did a talk and I can say it changed my life.

Another  brilliant expert is Dr Jeffrey Schwartz. Do try and get his book Mind Lock He talks about the four steps .  RE-LABEL  REATTRIBUTE  REFOCUS AND REVALUE. 

there are details of this on the OCD-UK website

Basically the most important thing is to RE-Label which is to realise that the feelings that you are having are just 'OCD'...  With OCD we shut the sensible part of the brain down, however Just say to yourself 'I am having a 'compulsion' that my hands are dirty', instead of saying to yourself that your hands are dirty, and realise that it is only a feeling.

The Reattribute step is to realise the intrusive OCD thoughts and actions are due to a medical condition. 

The key to the Reattribute step is to realise that the awful intrusiveness and ferocious intensity of OCD thoughts are due to a medical condition. Knowing that the urge to get that "right feeling" is caused by a biochemical imbalance in the brain, which you can learn to ignore and move on. You have to re- train your brain. The more you resist those feelings, the more the chemical imbalance in the brain changes back to normal thoughts.

Refocus is to re direct your focus away from the OCD actions and do something. keep busy, play a computer game, talk to someone, walk the dog, watch a film ... basically anything to break the pattern. (believe me it is difficult, but it does work)

But only by learning to resist OCD symptoms can you change the brain and, in time, decrease the pain. To help you manage this task, there is the  fifteen-minute rule. The idea is to delay your response to an obsessive thought or to your urge to perform a compulsive behaviour by letting some time elapse--preferably at least fifteen minutes--before you even consider acting on the urge or thought...and to Revalue, is do not take the OCD thoughts at face value.


 interrupt, those OCD compulsions. Try printing out lots of pictures of the OCD-UK orange bracelets. Put them up around the house to remind you that when you get an  OCD thought , that it is not real it is only OCD. The bracelets have 'just a thought' written on them. If you can interrupt those thoughts just once, you can do it again.