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my ocd biog 

My OCD behaviour started really when I had an eating disorder at the age of 17. I was working in the entertainment industry, as a dancer, doing fashion shows, and the occasional modelling job. There was pressure to be thin. At stage school they would weigh us at the end and beginning of each term. so I was always aware of how much I ate. I was then told by a model agent to loose a stone in weight, for a photo shoot, so basically this is where the eating disorder started. I no longer have an eating disorder, but there is an 'in control' link with anorexia and OCD.

It is strange when I look back at photos of myself and now and see just how thin I was, yet I saw myself as fat. I think OCD is a similar kind of thing, we make our own rules for coping and somehow they become logical to us and kind of take over. speaking for myself personally, I have a logical side of my brain, yet when I am stressed this gets smothered by the OCD.

I want this website to be positive and helpful to those who may wish read it, or bits of it... So I do not want to appear too negative, and concentrate too much on how OCD is at times extremely debilitating. I have found ways of stopping it for a while and will cover this my my weekly 'blog' so that others may also benefit.

I do believe that one day I will be free completely from OCD but the work is tough.

It started after a double bereavement and has continued to this day.

I do find that exercise is a great help so when I go to the gym or swim , or walk my dogs I feel a lot better about myself and the OCD is less important for a while as my mind is focussed.