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This is a poster I saw in Amsterdam, it could have two meanings.

Firstly the spirals may represent how it feels to have OCD. A seemingly never ending circle going round and round.

Or you may find if you look at them for a while they start to appear to move round and round. This has a slight hypnotic effect, which is relaxing and calming.

You may have a different thought about this poster.


click here for video of relaxing sunlight on water !!!!

to watch a waterfall or look at a river, is so relaxing it's almost hypnotic, instead of doing a compulsion try watching this video a few times or make one of your own.


click here for short clip of fireworks

you can almost smell the fireworks as you watch this clip... an example of how strong the imagination can be so ... 

Here is a good technique to push away a fear, or a compulsion is to ...

imagine it in front of you in a box or a picture frame. Then using your mind push the image of what you wish to get rid of, away. keep pushing it away (you may close your eyes if it helps)  keep imagining it is getting further and further is getting so tiny you can barely see it now... imagine it falling over a cliff and turning to dust , to nothing.

If you do this a few times it helps to overcome a compulsion...




These are ORANGE OCD-UK  WRISTBANDS  a great a reminder that it is just an OCD thought.