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I started getting fatter

I grew a second chin

Going into self destruct

And stretching out my skin


My waist was disappearing

At a rather rapid rate

As I looked into the mirror

There was more of me to hate


When I was anorexic

There wasnít much to see

I was terrified of food

I was terrified of me


Itís a symptom of self hate

Not a girly childish whim

Comfort eating fills a void

Purges pain out from within





Some may say itís vain

To be so self aware

Itís selfish, self obsessive

Wanting half of you not there


How f......g sick it is

To vomit till you bleed

Laxatives, until your guts

Give up in pain, and plead


Bulimia is easy

Doesnít kill you straight away

Some people have it many years

Before their insides rot away


But nowÖ I am better

And Iím neither fat or thin

A special person showed me love

And that beauty is within !