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Welcome to my web site!



Hi my name is Alice, and this is my funky OCD website. I hope you like it.

The reason for this website is to help other people with OCD, in a different way. (nothing weird or esoteric) just not the typical OCD website. It is less academic and more focused arts and stuff. 

I am an actress, and comedian, and a published poet, so I thought I would use some of this to create a website to help me overcome my OCD and also to help others too !

I have still provided links to helpful sites, but this is just a website to amuse, to hopefully inspire, and to help look at OCD in a more light hearted way. Once we can do that, then we can take the OCD and other OCD related conditions less seriously, and hopefully then they will have less importance in our lives. 

I have divided up this website into the serious sections with hopefully some helpful tips on coping. There will be poetry ,advice and  stories etc. I have found that if you write down your feelings on OCD they may start to have have less importance, especially if you read them out loud. I often read out loud my stuff on OCD and it helps me re-evaluate the logic of what I do.

Then if you are having a good day you may wish to look at the fun section, with more light hearted features jokes, pictures etc. The jokes are light, and sometimes silly, but are not intended to offend or make light of a serious disorder. I suffer greatly with OCD, so I try to find the humour in it. I also feel somehow it is taking back control rather than the OCD being in control.

I have written an OCD biog  .


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